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Integrated Real-Time Gas Analysis Solutions

Welcome to IRGAS @ CIC Photonics!

What is IRGAS?

IRGAS is the acronym for "Integrated Real-Time Gas Analysis Solution." It was created in 1997 as the first analytical instrument for high-sensitivity (ppb) detection of impurities in electronic specialty gases. The core components of the IRGAS have always been a FTIR spectrometer, a long path "White Cell", and a custom-designed quantitative analytical and hardware management software. Now the IRGAS consists of several versions, each one specific to an industrial gas analysis application and solution, to be described later. The origin of the IRGAS concept derives from separate requests during the 1996-97 period from technology managers in two major electronic specialty gas producers for an integrated hardware package and a recognition by our software engineer that all existing FTIR spectrometers and available analytical software packages were based upon different computer languages, that were not readily integrateble for a quantitative gas analysis system. This understanding of the technology at that time provided the incentive for CIC Photonics to engage a University of New Mexico MSEE student in computer engineering to solve this industry problem by designing an entirely new software package for both hardware management and quantitative gas analysis, known widely now as SPGAS—"Specialty Gas Analysis Solution." After a series of evaluations of available FTIRs for use in rugged industrial plant settings and those having leak tight enclosures to permit 100% purging with high purity nitrogen, the ABB Bomem WorkIR was chosen for the IRGAS Solutions; the MB3000 currently is the preferred FTIR because of its modular design, its warranty, and its high sensitivity (SNR = 50,000:1). Completing the core components of the IRGAS are the long and short path gas cells manufactured by CIC Photonics. The workhorses are the 4Runner (6.0-meter), the Ranger-EN (9.6-meter), the Scout-EN (2-, 5-, 10-, and 20-cm), and the CRV (1.0 to 10-mm), all made of 316L stainless steel with custom features of fast gas exchange rates and fast temperature equilibrations of flowing gas samples. What is an IRGAS System? It is the high quality, high performance, and highly competitive industrial gas analyzer solution for multiple applications with a decade-long track record of serving satisfied clients worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions fall in 3 distinct categories: Hardware, Software and Applications.

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