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Combustion Efficiency

IRGAS Solution:

SYSTEM: IRGAS DCA Spectrometer: WorkIR Cell: Scout-EN, Ranger-EN Software: SPGAS

CIC Photonics has made its mark with several R&D institutes where research is underway to determine the optimum thermodynamic performance of new turbine engine designs combined with new diesel fuel formulations. This sophisticated IRGAS technology has included not only a basic FTIR gas analyzer but also analyzers for H2, O2, THC, and a powder meter all integrated into a comprehensive IRGAS Solution. The functionality of this IRGAS Combustion Solution provides for multiple-point sampling in a 3D array of high-temperature probes positioned in the exhaust gas stream of the turbine engine. When combined with temperature and pressure measurements made by the customer in real time, calculations of the thermodynamic efficiencies of the diesel engine performance are obtained. The data outputs of each analyzer are integrated via software into one composite display. The FTIR gas analyzer can also be applied to more typical combustion applications such as coal-fired furnaces as in steel production, again where energy efficiency is a cost factor in the pricing of steel. In this case, a FTIR gas analyzer outfitted with two gas cells is recommended: either two long path cells or one short path and one long path to accommodate the full concentration range of combustion species. For this and similar combustion monitoring applications, we offer the IRGAS-DCA Solution.