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Software Products

Our SPGAS software is designed to provide for a Turnkey Industrial Integrated Real-Time Gas Analysis System. It is client tailorable, modular in design, hardware independent and uses state of the art analysis tools. Our SpectraStream™ software provides high sensitivity detection of impurities (low ppb), reduces the time response typically associated with FTIR (from minutes to seconds), and reduces the effects of spectrometer drift. QMaxTM was designed to generate and fine tune the quantification sets required by the SPGAS quantification analysis engine. The fine-tuning tools provided by QMax permits the post analysis of previously collected absorption spectra to establish the goodness of the calibrated spectra fitting and to establish the presence of unknown components. The Script Editor program is used to develop a script that will be executed by the IRGAS Hardware Control Software. The script is entered in order to run the remote manifold valves and other components in the system such as the Venturi cooler. It is not necessary to create a new script every time that the system is going to be operated; preexisting scripts can be used. The combination of the script editor and the hardware control allows the system to be automated. The Reprocessing Tool gives the user an opportunity to change the ideal gas parameters and then recalculate the previously established calibration. After recalculating the calibration, the user is provided with a new calibration based on the amended parameters. Find out more about each product by clicking on 'information' below.

SPGAS Information
SpectraStream™ Information
QMax Information, Manual
Quantitative Reprocessing Tool Information, Manual
Script Editor and Hardware Controller Information, Manual
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