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Solar PV

IRGAS Solutions:

Solution 1: SYSTEM: IRGAS SOLR Spectrometer: MB3000 Cell: Scout-EN, Montero, 4Runner, CRV Software: SPGAS, Spectra Stream

Application Notes: Cost of Ownership & Moisture Monitoring in Process Chambers

Solar technology as a renewable energy technology is spreading around the world, with major manufacturing operations occurring in China, Germany, Spain, and the U.S. For solar photovoltaics, specialty chemicals are required for the production of the photovoltaic materials. CIC Photonics entry into the solar photovoltaics industry is based upon its extensive experience in providing high performance FTIR gas analyzers to the semiconductor industry. Many of the same gases with the same specified purities as used for semi wafers are required for the solar PV applications—namely, SiF4, SiH4, NH3, NF3, B2H6, and SF6. Therefore, we have adapted our EPITORR™, EPI-Hx, and DCA versions of the IRGAS to match the requirements of the solar PV industry. High sensitivity and broad concentration range specifications are available, depending upon the stage of the PV processing. The IRGAS-SOLR is available in either a long path gas cell (ppb-ppm) version or a dual long path/short path cell (ppm-percent) version.