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The Value of Support

CIC Photonics prides itself on the high level of tech support it provides to its customers—both before and after a sale. Our tech support is often the differentiator which provides closure of a sale and word-of-mouth referrals.

In particular, we find that most new customers of FTIR-based gas analyzers are engineers with no previous training or experience with infrared spectroscopy; yet they have chosen FTIR spectroscopy because of the breadth of gas species that can be measured simultaneously and in real-time.

As a consequence, our staff of chemists and engineers often becomes thoroughly involved in understanding the customer’s application and in defining a solution. This kind of tech support begins at the first communication to or from the new customer and often involves several follow-on exchanges of information. When a customer is dealing with a new application for their company, we often perform literature searches for relevant technical articles, which we convey to them. Once we have achieved a comprehensive description of the scientific or engineering application, we can then generate a price quotation for a gas analyzer system that not only contains the list of hardware and software components but also specifies the necessary operating conditions and parameters. This level of pre-sale technical support puts both us and the customer on the same knowledge base.

Once a system is assembled and tested at our Albuquerque facility, we offer a training session to the end users on their system before we ship to their destination. This training includes fundamentals of spectroscopy, demonstrations of gas analysis, and hands-on exercises by the end users. When completed, the end users are prepared to install and operate their gas analyzer at their facility.

But our tech support does not end at that point. We continue to provide guidance and assistance for both effective hardware and software performance for a minimum of three months after delivery of the system. During that time, all manner of hardware diagnostics and software interpretation is available from our technical staff; we want to make certain that the system and the end user are functioning to the fullest level of performance. Incidental issues will be supported long after the three months; for more substantive tech support such as providing analyses of the data collected by the end user, we offer either extended terms or case-by-case pricings.

For our foreign orders and shipments, we can include installation and training at the customer’s site as an additional line item in our quotation; this option is also available to our domestic customers. In a recent case, a customer was an experienced scientist and spectroscopist, but he recognized the need for advanced training on our software modules. He contracted with us to send our top engineer to provide higher level tech support for his system. Afterward, he wrote: "I have to say that your training was the best we’ve ever had here at .... The 3 of us learned more about FTIR in those first 2 hours than ever before. I feel extremely confident now in using our new IRGAS system. Thank you very much for your insight and help”

Since 1994, our experience with gas cells and design, development, and placement of FTIR gas analyzers, CIC Photonics has been and is a leading supplier of those product lines and has a team of experts available to provide high level tech support to its customers.

Download a copy of our product warranty and technical support by clicking here.