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Technical Papers

This section of the IRGAS website includes a number of technical papers, some of which are from articles in trade publications, trade show presentations, scientific papers from scientific journals, or other subject matter sources. These papers are made available to inform the interested reader on the subjects related to gas analysis, gas cell science, analytical methods, and other related subjects. You can read the entire article by downloading it in .pdf format from the associated link.

Article Title Author Article Comment
FTIR Spectroscopy Jorge. E. Pérez and Richard T. Meyer PhD. CIC Photonics Download
Long Optical Paths of Large Aperture John U. WhitemEsso Laboratories, Standard Oil Development Company, Linden, New Jersey Download
Beer's Law Jorge. E. Pérez and Richard T. Meyer PhD. CIC Photonics Download
QMax - stand-alone quantification analysis application based on a Weighted Multi-band CLS Algorithm. Download
Synthetically Generated Calibration Spectra for Combustion Analysis by FTIR Jorge. E. Pérez, CIC Photonics David Griffith, University of Wollongong Download
Application of New Least-squares Methods for the Quantitative Infrared Analysis of Multicomponent Samples David M Haaland and Robert G Easterling Sandia National Labratories Download
Gas Cell Selection For Analysis Of Electronic Gases Richard T. Meyer CIC PhD. Photonics Download
Multiple Gas Impurity Analyses and Verification For Semiconductor Process Tools Richard T. Meyer PhD. CIC Photonics Download
High-Sensitivity, Fast-Response Monitoring of PFC and Abatement Tool Emissions By FTIR Spectroscopy Jorge. E. Pérez and Richard T. Meyer PhD. CIC Photonics Download Article Download Report
Overcoming Hydrogen-Bonding in On-line Spectroscopy of Hydrofluoric Acid Paul G. Vahey, Honeywell Jorge E. Pérez, CIC Photonics Download
Moisture Detection for Semi Gases via EP-IR Spectroscopy Elsa E. Bonano, Jorge. E. Pérez, and Richard T. Meyer PhD., CIC Photonics Download
FTIR Resolution Requirements For Industrial Gas Analyzers Richard T. Meyer PhD. CIC Photonics Download
A Novel Spectrometer Design for Process and Handheld Infrared Spectral Measurements John Coates, Coates Consulting Download
EP-IR: A New Technology for IR Analysis By A. Seyfarth, Aspectrics, Inc Download
Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectroscopy Alexander. Seyfarth, Bertrand Lanher, Aspectrics, Inc. Download